Dr. Bob is a highly experienced, energetic and motivated Fortune 500 and 100 executive who rose from Assistant Manager to Senior Vice President of Human Resources. During his career he gained the respect and confidence of virtually thousands of employees in financial services.

Management style is tempered with Classic theory, Human Relations and Systems theory, applicable to both the Private and Public sectors.  He has great perception and intuition and employs persuasion and influence skills. He is mindful of employees, clients and vendor needs and builds long lasting relationships. His greatest assets include: management competency skill sets and a “sense of humor.”  

Dr. Bob’s academic credentials include as B.A. in Management and Organizational Behavior, with an emphasis in Performance Appraisal, from the University of La Verne. Also, he has a Master of Arts Degree, with an emphasis in Theology and Leadership, from Fuller-Pasadena. He holds a Doctorate in Public Administration, with an emphasis in Personality Assessment and Executive Competency, from the University of La Verne.  He is a certified Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) Behavioral Personality Assessment Analyst. “Dr. Bob’s” paradigm addresses the “total person,” leading to employee actualization and an improved state of mind.

As a Neuroleader his Healthy Mind Platter includes: Time inward, sleep time, physical time, focus time, play time, down time and connecting time, and still finds time to serve others.